First Footage: Russell Brand And Helen Mirren In 'Arthur'

I'll say it: I like Russell Brand. Came as a big surprise to me, too. What was once a sort of uncomfortable tendency to chuckle at his antics has evolved into a full-on acceptance of his manic energy and total willingness to do just about anything for a laugh. I understand why people don't like him, but I'm in the fan club. It's weird, but there you have it.

So, yes, despite a general disinterest in the remake I'll probably turn up to see him play a drunk in Arthur, especially since Helen Mirren is playing the John Gielgud role. And while there is no trailer as of yet, this first tiny snippet of footage — it is mere seconds — might serve to indicate what we can expect. In that it showcases Helen Mirren more than it does the film's lead, the Brand-haters among you might like it more than most of the movie.

This clip was part of the British Comedy Awards, during which Mr. Brand was given the Outstanding Contribution to Comedy award. The YouTube clip below represents the entire presentation. The Arthur footage kicks in at 3:37, or you can use this direct link.

If you scrub through this clip (to 0:34 and 04:00) you'll also see a couple bits of Robert Downey, Jr. on the set of the second Sherlock Holmes movie. There have been vague rumors that Russell Brand might show up in that film, too, so feel free to speculate on that based on the very minor evidence presented here.

[via BleedingCool]