New Close-Up Set Photo Of 'Spider-Man' Stunt Costume

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I'm really curious to see what reactions this photo will elicit. Here's a new, pretty close-up look at the Spider-Man suit from Marc Webb's currently in-progress Spider-Man. Before we go any farther, note that this is most likely a suit specifically made for stunt work, and not the final, detailed 'hero' suit. Just compare and contrast with the first official still from Sony and you can see that there are notable differences.

That said, this is our first good look at any version of the mask, and you can also clearly see the web-shooters that caused a stir when the first photo showed up. More after the break.

Here's the full image:

[No photo]

Compare this with the official still below, and even taking the darker lighting of the official still into account you can see that the colors of the suit here are brighter than the 'hero' suit — after post-production, the suit probably won't look that bright. You've got some sort of visible soles on his feet (makes me think of the fake feet Chris Evans wore for running shots in Captain America) and a general reduction of detail compared to the final suit.

But you can also see the very classic-looking mask (don't expect the final eyes to actually be red), and the silver disc web-shooters. I continue to love that detail, though I know others aren't as convinced.