Josh Lucas Cast As Charles Lindbergh In 'J. Edgar'

Briefly: Looks like Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar will have a solid subplot involving Charles Lindbergh and the kidnapping and murder of his child, which was dubbed 'the crime of the century' at the time. We already knew that Damon Herriman was on board as Bruno Hauptmann, the man who was convicted of the crime and executed as a result. But the case wasn't done quite by the book, and claims of intimidation and tampering were levied at police, leading Hoover to open a federal inquiry into the conviction.

Now Josh Lucas has boarded the project as Charles Lindbergh. He joins Leonardo DiCaprio (Hoover), Armie Hammer (Hoover's right-hand man and reputed lover Clyde Tolson), Judi Dench (Hoover's mother?), and Ed Westwick (Agent Smith, tasked with writing Hoover's biography). There's at least one major cast member yet to be announced: the actress to play Helen Gandy, Hoover's long-time secretary. Charlize Theron was thought to be a lock, but she's not taking the job, evidently flirting with both Ridley Scott's Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman. J. Edgar is scheduled to shoot within the next few months. [Deadline]