VOTD: 'Lost' Fan Film 'The Man Who Brought Us Here' Shot On Location

Corey Vidal, the guy who did the awesome Star Wars split screen, a capella John Williams tribute that's sporting about 12 million hits on YouTube, is back paying homage to another geek mainstay: Lost. He's posted a 6 minute short film called The Man Who Brought Us Here which was filmed in Hawaii on a bunch of actual locations from the show. So it looks really authentic. And while the acting isn't exactly what one would call "good" or "believable" Lost fans will once again enjoy seeing these locations and even smirk at the clever Lost twist ending. Check it out after the jump.

Thanks to The Daily What for the heads up.

Like I said above, the acting is pretty terrible but being a total Lost mark, it was very cool to see a somewhat plausible Lost story set back in locations like The Temple, The Barracks, The Orchid and more. Plus, you've got to love the mythology and classic misdirection. The mention of Ben at the beginning, because it takes place at the Barracks, leads you to assume Others Ben. But when the twist is that Hurley, not Jacob, brought all these people to the island to fix the mistakes of the Dharma Initiative, meaning it's post season six, you get that "Aha" feeling and it all kind of makes sense. Kind of.

Do you think Lost fan films like this are going to become even a quarter as prolific as Star Wars fan films or something like that? Even if they don't, I hope Vidal got enough footage for a follow-up while he was in Hawaii.

Speaking of Star Wars, on the off chance you haven't seen the video that made this guy a YouTube sensation, you've got to check it out. It's old, but still pretty frigging awesome. Check out more of his videos on Vidal's YouTube page.