Does The First Photo Of Marc Webb's Spider-Man Hold Clues About The Character?

OK, we're going to dive into speculative minutia here. If you're not into the tiny details of costume obsession, just move on. Just a couple hours ago we got the first photo of Andrew Garfield wearing the new Spider-Man costume for the film that Marc Webb is directing now. And one of the little details was noticed by JoBlo — on the inside of Spidey's wrists are what appear to be web-shooters. So what does that mean?

In the original comics, Peter Parker was a science whiz. His ability to shoot webs wasn't an organic product of the spider bite that gave him powers. It was a bit of tech of his own invention, and he had little pads in his palms with web fluid cannisters strapped to his wrists. In the movies, however, the webs were an organic thing — all part of the condensed allegory more directly equating the Spider-Man ego to adolescence and maturity. (In the comics, the organic web-shooting came later, with the introduction of the black alien symbiote costume.) And there were those who wondered how a high-school kid made web-shooters in the first place. But that was a detail I always loved, so I can roll with it.

I like this first photo because it looks very classic. This is a long, lean Spider-Man, and the costume looks like one he could have made himself than the Raimi version did. And if there are web shooters in there, I'll be a nice detail for the old-school fans, and another point of differentiation between the previous movies. That means we'll probably see his web run dry at a crucial time...perhaps leading to the ass-kicked face Mr. Garfield seems to be wearing. Or it could just be a nice little point that will be mentioned early and never expanded upon, which will be fine, too.

Or, is his dejected expression in this image the result of discovering that his early actions as Spider-Man were directly related to the death of Uncle Ben? I'd initially thought of this pose in light of the classic 'Spider-Man No More' cover, but then realized that was just a reflection of one of Steve Ditko's earliest depictions of the character, when he realizes how his actions led to Ben's death.

So: minutia speculation over, at least on my end. Get nerdy about it in the comments.