Is A 'TRON: Legacy' Sequel Imminent?

No matter what your thoughts are on TRON: Legacy, the fact of the matter is, it didn't bomb. It surely wasn't the runaway smash hit that Disney was hoping for, especially with its IMAX box office playing such an important role, but according to Box Office Mojo, the film will pull in $150 million domestically by the time you read this and has made just under that internationally. That's roughly $300 million against a reported budget of $170 million and would put Disney, hypothetically, in the black way before the inevitable DVDs and Blu-rays hit the shelves later this year.

So, does that mean we'll get to see a Tron Three? According to one source, yes. Read who and what they're saying after the jump.

Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News is reporting that TRON: Legacy is "incredibly close to having its SEQUEL announced" according to his "Grapevine of Industry Insiders." And when you're as well-connected as Harry, that's a well-informed grapevine.

It took 28 years between the first and second movie and now that Disney believes they have a legitimate franchise on their hands, they're going to run with it. Want proof? Look no further than three things: the casting of Cillian Murphy in an almost throwaway role as a potential villain, the open-ended ending to TRON: Legacy itself and the news of two cartoon series' coming in subsequent years to tide audiences over and keep the franchise fresh. Here's what Harry had to say.

As kids around the country pulled out wall crawling light trail leaving Tron LIGHT CYCLES from under their Christmas trees, Disney has been counting the receipts – and I'm told...  it's about to hit the tipping point. Now the real question is...  Where does TRON go from here?  There is a plan, but it is being closely guarded.

Whether you liked TRON: Legacy or not, chances are you'd be curious to see what happens next in the story of Sam and Kevin Flynn, Quorra and, of course, Ed Dillinger Jr. What do you think?