David E. Kelley's New 'Wonder Woman' TV Show Stalls Out

You won't see Wonder Woman on TV any time soon. Last year we heard that David E. Kelley was developing a new contemporary Wonder Woman show with Warner Bros. TV. But now, with his first script in hand, the show has gone out to all the major networks. And they all passed.

What is the problem with the show as it exists on the page now? EW speculates on fears that networks didn't want to be making their own Bionic Woman, and cites the high cost of the show. Deadline says it was definitely too expensive for the CW, that Fox passed on what was essentially a courtesy pitch, and that there was really no chance the show would find a home at ABC given the current ABC/Disney/Marvel ties. CBS couldn't come to a consensus, and NBC's own structural problems meant it wasn't going to happen there, either.

The script isn't necessarily dead, as it could be shopped around again in the future. And there is still a new feature in development at Warner Bros., so this doesn't mean that we won't see the character on any screen in the future. But this is one more defeat for the character, after a '90s TV show failed to hit screens as well, and many years of development on the feature side have yielded zip.