Is Elijah Wood In Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit?'

Earlier today, Peter put up a story about Warner Brothers having the worldwide rights to distribute Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. Well, over at Deadline, in an update to the story, the name Elijah Wood – yes, Frodo Baggins himself – is listed in a slew of actors who "might come back for encores."

Does that mean Wood is actually coming back or what? Read the exact quote and start your speculation engines after the jump.

Here's the exactly quote from Mike Fleming at Deadline.

I've learned that Warner Bros will, in fact, pay the entire cost of the two installments of The Hobbit, a price-tag that is expected to exceed $500 million. Now, the question will be which cast members from The Lord of the Rings come back for encores. I've heard talk of conversations with Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis and possibly Elijah Wood. I'd heard Orlando Bloom was also in talks before the holidays. Returning actors will need to be locked in shortly.

We've already written about McKellen, Serkis and even Bloom making appearances and all their characters makes sense within the timelines of Tolkien's universe. But surely Frodo doesn't make sense, unless he comes in at the end of a second film.

There will surely be an official comment on this soon, at which point we'll get you the update, but as of now, what do you think about this? Is there any other way for Elijah Wood to return to Middle Earth as another character? Or are Fleming's sources just reading a list of actors off the credits to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy?