Cool Stuff: Rockem Sockem Candidates 'Lost' And The Jesus 'Big Lebowski' T-Shirts

It feels like ages since we've highlighted Lost or Big Lebowski t-shirts here on the site. It's all Star Wars posters and Tron toys as of late. Thankfully, that's all about to change. Two limited edition t-shirts are on sale today only, Tuesday January 4. Teefury is allowing us to go back to our roots with a hilarious Lost parody shirt called "Rockem Sockem Candidates" by Michael Myers Jr. while RIPT has a beautiful rendition of everyone's favorite pedophile bowler, "The Jesus" by Tom Ledin. After the break, check out full images of both and links to buy them.

Up first is the Lost shirt. Read more about the artist and his design over on the Teefury site and that's where you can get the shirt for only $9.

Over on Ript Apparel, for $10, you can get The Jesus shirt and read about its creator.