2010 Domestic Box Office Visualized In Chart And Video

Exhibitor Relations has reported that the 2010 box office will "be on par with 2009–$10.55 billion vs. $10.58 billion. That's a moderate drop of just 0.3%, however a decrease in attendance of nearly 5%."

Our friends at TheFilmStage have directed us to Xach, who has created a cool visualization of this year's box office in today's Daily Distraction. Click here to check it out, and mouse-over all films to see their monthly totals. Its particularly interesting to see which films had legs in theaters (i.e. Avatar or Inception) and which movies had huge opening weekends, and short tails (ie Shrek 4).

Also, /Film reader Elvis D pointed me towards yet-another "Best of 2010" video montage, but this time a two-minute compilation featuring the Top 25 films of the 2010 US Box Office. Hit the jump to watch that video.