Set Photos: 'X-Men First Class' And 'Captain America'

Yesterday we brought you a big lineup of rumored spoiler tidbits from X-Men: First Class. Now we've got a couple extra spy photos snapped on set. Some of them tie into one of the bits mentioned in that roundup, so if you're looking for more hints on how some parts of the film are going to play out, check after the break. Plus, there are new photos of the Captain America set, courtesy of a Dutch magazine.

First up: the X-Men: First Class pics. Taken in Georgia, these show a storyboard that appears to represent an action scene featuring Riptide (or possibly Havoc), crew scouting an aircraft hangar, and several shots from the beach scene where the team's jet crashes. The spy info from yesterday said that beach scene involves a conflict between the Blackbird and a submarine during the Cuban Missile Crisis. (And, yeah, they're fudging the Blackbird timeline a bit, as the SR-71 that the X-jet is based on wasn't in service until 1964, two years after the Cuban Missile Crisis. But this is a film about superhuman mutants, so I think we can forgive that deviation from reality.) [CBM]

And here are the Captain America pics, via full-page scans from the magazine Veronica. Most of the info in the page text is known already, but it does mention that twenty-five shields were made for the film, including a variety of models for different scenarios. One wasn't even a shield; it was a sort of green frisbee Chris Evans could throw, that will be replaced with the flying shield in post-production. [via The Chris Evans Blog and ComingSoon]