Kevin Smith Commits To March 2011 Release Date For 'Red State'?

When Kevin Smith randomly premiered a teaser trailer for his independently-financed horror film Red State yesterday, I was surprised to see it conclude with the promise of a "March" release. As you might recall, the film has yet to secure distribution, with Smith hinting that the film might be released using some kind of innovative distribution model. Kevin told us in November that he planned to auction off the movie to the highest bidder following the premiere screening at the Sundance Film Festival (in January), in the room.

I was quick to ask Smith if he really planned on releasing the film in a few months. He didn't respond to me, but he did respond to another twitter user. So does this mean that the film will be released in March? Find out what Smith said, after the jump.

Smith tweeted:

Via @ToastedSchizo "So ballsy of you to put 'March' at the end without a distrib." JFK told a story about his Grandfather, who grew up in Ireland. Walking home from school, there was this long, high stone wall that – if gotten over – halved the time it took to get home. One day JFK's grandfather threw his cap over the wall – knowing if he came home without the cap, he'd be bitch-slapped. To fully motivate himself to do something difficult, he committed – to a risky degree. Tagging that trailer with March was me throwing my hat over the wall. #FuckWaiting

So Smith has committed to a March (2011?) release date. I wonder how a potential distributor might feel about that?

Side note: JFK took the story from, and credited, Frank O'Connor.Side note #2: I think Red State looks VERY promising. Could be to be Smith's most visually/tonally interesting film yet.