Andrew Garfield Talks About Suiting Up For 'Spider-Man'

Marc Webb's new Spider-Man film has been shooting for a couple weeks now, but the production is on Christmas break right now. We've seen a few set pics from the shoot, but nothing yet of Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and nothing of the costume for the title character. I think quite a few people are curious to see what the actor will look like in the suit, but for now we'll have to make do with a few comments he made in an interview.The Guardian has a short audio interview with Andrew Garfield that comes at the end of this week's Film Weekly podcast.

Asked about whether he's been fitted for the suit (of course he has) the actor dances around the question, but eventually says,

I can only say how it feels and it feels pretty special. It feels like a dream realized and a fantasy realized. I don't take it lightly and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to wear spandex for the next few months.

And with respect to putting on muscle for the character, he says,

Strength! I think Spider-Man needs strength, but Peter Parker is still a teenager. That's a very tender balance to figure out. It's very specific what we're trying to achieve in terms of body type and the feeling of that. Rest assured, there's a lot of people who are helping me with it because I have no discipline in that respect. My father's a swimming coach and I kind of rebelled against that very, very early on so any form of physical discipline has to be really cracked with a really smart whip.