ALF Uses The N-Word In Uncovered Behind-The-Scenes Footage

As a kid, I was fascinated by puppet creatures. My childhood was very much the result of Jim Henson and Steven Spielberg. I loved The Muppets, Fraggle Rock and Alf. One of my favorite VHS tapes was a special I recorded off television which featured a behind the scenes tour of Jim Henson's workshop. I love watching rare behind the scenes videos where we get to see the puppeteers in action.

FilmStage alerted me to seven minutes of behind the scenes blooper footage from the set of the 1980's sitcom Alf, which reveals that the lovable alien was not so PG after the cameras cut. Paul Fusco, the angry foul-mouthed puppeteer and voice of Alf drops the N-bomb, uses vulgar language, and at one point asks one of the actresses to straddle him on the bed.Update: /Film reader Brian clarifies the N-word "joke":

To be fair, this video is taken completely out of context. There was an LA Law episode at the same time that everyone was talking about, where the guy on the witness stand had tourettes and repeatedly said the n-word and "whoop." So the guys on set were obviously riffing on what was the big story of the day.

YouTube user biohazardgraphics says he bought the footage on a homemade VHS tape off eBay. The footage actually has been online for almost a year now, but many people are finally discovering it now. Want your childhood ruined?* Hit the jump to watch the video.

The LA episode Alf is referencing in his use of the N-word:

More behind the scenes footage (less vulgar language):

Paul Fusco and Alf: