Roman Coppola Has A New Film In The Works

It has been almost a decade since the release of CQ, the one and only feature film directed by Roman Coppola, son of Francis Ford Coppola and brother of Sofia Coppola. CQ is a strange beast, a film within a film that features Jeremy Davies as an editor and hopeful film director who is tapped to finish a quickie genre movie. It didn't make that much of a splash at the time, but it remains an entertaining and thoughtful piece of work, with some great performances. (Jason Schwatrzman is a big scene-stealer.)

In the meantime, Roman has worked on a variety of projects: co-writing The Darjeeling Limited, producing that and Somewhere, doing music videos and second unit film work. (On Lost in Translation, Tetro and The Life Aquatic, among others.) I'd love to see a new feature from him, however, and now it seems like one could be on the way. The Playlist talked to Sofia Coppola recently, and when asked about her brother's projects, she said, "He's working on something new... he's working on a script that he put together." The Playlist has contacted Roman's representatives to seek further info, with no luck at this point. Still, a new film from the director would be very welcome, and we're eager for more info.