'Twilight' Screenwriter Bringing Marvel's Jessica Jones To Television

Just a week ago, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige

chatted with fans

, expressing his love for female heroes and a desire to bring more to the big screen. He also enthused "I love Jessica Jones," that being the lead character, a superhero turned investigator, in the comic series Alias (no relation to the TV show) and Pulse.

While we thought that chat was mostly devoid of real news, turns out that one comment was an indicator of things to come: Melissa Rosenberg, former Dexter showrunner and screenwriter for all the Twilight movies, is developing a show called AKA Jessica Jones for ABC.


says that Melissa Rosenberg is the writer and exec producer on AKA Jessica Jones, which is being developed for ABC's fall 2011 schedule. The deal isn't fully set, but the trade says the show is likely to beat out the new Hulk as Marvel's first show for ABC. Brian Michael Bendis, who created the character with artist Michael Gaydos, will consult on the series.

Jessica Jones is a character that was retconned back into Marvel history — she's written as having been a classmate of Peter Parker and was present when he was bitten by the spider that led to him becoming Spider-Man. She developed powers as a result of being exposed to experimental, possibly radioactive material, and eventually created an alter-ego called Jewel. After some time she decided that she wasn't cut out for the hero life, and opened Alias Private Investigations. But she was repeatedly sought out for superhero-related issues. She also did a stint as a superhero reporter and consultant for The Daily Bugle.