Test Footage From Tim Burton's 'Superman Lives'

Not too long ago, we posted costume test photos from Tim Burton's aborted Superman Lives (check out some more of them here). I tried to avoid these posts, not because I don't like engaging in speculation or deeply pondering "what-if" scenarios, but because the glimpses I saw made Superman look pretty atrocious. Still, it's always interesting to see differing takes on long-hallowed properties, and these photos were certainly no different.

Now, footage has surfaced of actual test footage of the Superman suit. But it's not exactly what people are thinking. Hit the jump to check it out, and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Obviously this isn't the final product, but you can grasp the sensibility they were going for here. My understanding is that this was not going to be his regular everyday suit, but rather, the regeneration suit Superman dons while in a state of near-death.

/Film commenter Daniel Heard explains:

Having read the Kevin Smith script, I assume this is "the eradicator" suit. A krytonian life support suit with onboard AI and weapons. Basically turning the mortally injured Superman into Iron Man until he recovered from his fight with Doomsday. In THAT context it is innovative and inspiring work the likes of which we have yet to see on film ten years down the line.

Wikipedia also has some nice background information regarding what it is we're looking at here. Undoubtedly, Burton's would have been a Superman like no other. Would that have been a good thing? The answer is lost to the dustbin of time.

[Thanks to Cesar for the heads-up!]