Universal Creating SyFy-Branded Theatrical Film Label

While watching a film like Sharktopus, have you ever wished that you were experiencing the film on a much larger screen? If so, Universal and SyFy have a deal for you. The companies are teaming up to great a genre label called (wait for it) Syfy Films, which will "develop Syfy branded content for the bigscreen."

The goal is to make one or two "sci-fi, fantasy or horror pics annually" from 2012 on, with Universal distributing to theaters. No one is currently in place to run the day to day aspects of the company, but Syfy programming head Mark Stern will oversee the company. At this point we don't know exactly what sort of films will be the result of this deal, but expect something a bit less blatantly ridiculous than some of the typical original SyFy films like Sharktopus. Think along the lines of Skyline instead. That may not inspire much interest; I think I'd rather have a couple Asylum-style animal/monster mashups on a bigger budget. [Variety]