'The Green Hornet' Carl's Jr. Commercials

If you live anywhere near a Carl's Jr. fast food location, chances are you've been bombarded with their latest ad campaign featuring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou from The Green Hornet. It's on almost every second and it's convincing enough that, for a moment, you think you're watching a scene from the Michel Gondry movie. Right up until The Green Hornet asks Kato to split some chicken tenders, of course.

So, for any one who might have missed these commercials (which is probably a lot of you since there aren't any Carl's Jr. locations East of Texas), you really should check them out. The early word on The Green Hornet is that it's a fun action comedy and, judging from these spots, it seems like the stars are enjoying themselves. Check out the 30 second spot and extended 60 second spot after the jump and also see why Carl's Jr. has the best ads ever.

And here's an extended version that's double the length and probably adds several million dollars of effects and stunts, none of which anyone on TV gets to see.

Say what you want about fast food and fast food marketing but, after living in California for almost two years, I think Carl's Jr. has the best ad campaigns, hands down. This one is definitely cool but they did an incredible one of Audrina Patridge from The Hills, in a bikini, eating a burger (check it out here) and then they did a pretty much naked Kim Kardashian campaign that was almost too racy for regular TV. You can watch that here. I'll take hot chicks and movies over the crazy King guy at Burger King or catchy jingles of McDonald's any day.

Now, I think I'm going to make dinner. Maybe some chicken tenders. What about you?