Cool Stuff: 'Star Wars' Mash Up Posters By Matthew Ranzetta

Thanks to Mondo, it seems like we're posting really cool Star Wars posters almost every other day here on /Film. Actually, it's every week and that series is almost over. But the Star Wars posters keep on coming!

This latest batch, however, aren't exactly Star Wars posters. They just use Star Wars as the basis for posters for some other films like Empire of the Sun, Cool Hand Luke, The Princess Bride, Rebel Without a Cause and Empire Records. Artist Matthew Ranzetta took a simple idea and really did an awesome job with it. You see two of them above, check out the rest after the jump.

Click on each photo for the bigger version. Read more about them over on Ranzetta's official website, and if you'd like to buy any of these as a print or t-shirt, click here.

Source: The High Definite