More Costume Test Photos From Tim Burton's 'Superman Lives'

Each and every one of us probably has a bunch of websites we go to in the morning and, if you're reading this, /Film is probably one of them. Thank you very much. It's getting to a point now, though, where we might all have to add one more site to our daily surf schedule:  Steve Johnson's Facebook page. In the past few months, the visual effects legend has single-handedly blown the lid off of several Superman projects that never made it to the big screen. Just this week, we posted concept art from the J.J. Abrams Superman film that never happened and, a few months ago, we posted your first look at the costume that was being considered for Tim Burton's late 1990s film Superman Lives. To call it a radical departure from the traditional Superman costume would be an understatement. And all of those images came from Johnson.

Today, we've got even more photos from the failed Tim Burton Superman Lives. Check them out after the break.

Johnson posted a whopping 30 brand new photos, so you should definitely head over to his page and check out the rest if the six below pique your interest. He even has some brand new concept art.

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Superman Lives Test 1

Superman Lives Test 2

Superman Lives Test 3

Superman Lives Test 4

Superman Lives Test 5

Superman Lives Test 6

This project was gestating in the late 1990s and had Nicolas Cage potentially playing the Man of Steel for Burton. You can head over to our original post about to read a little more history on the project but, suffice to say, only Tim Burton knows why he would take this direction with the Superman costume. Sure he's an alien, but the suit makes Superman look like a deep sea creature. He glows, you can see his veins and even his fingers are pointy.

Are these photos any better than the first batch? And are you as fascinated as we are to see sneak peaks into films that could have been?

A big thanks to /Film reader Jason D for the heads up on this!