Cool Stuff: Guillermo Del Toro 'Director's Series' Posters From Mondo

Mondo has released posters based around events, such as the Rolling Roadshow or Fantastic Fest, famous franchises, like Star Wars and Star Trek, and now they're going directly to the source: the director. They've just announced the Director's Series, which will feature sets of posters all from one specific director, and to kick off this brand new series they've teamed up with geek filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Posters for all of del Toro's films, save for Mimic, will soon be available at Mondo's official site and they've just revealed the first two: a set of Blade II prints by Mike Sutfin and Hellboy II: The Golden Army by Ken Taylor. Check them out and find out when to buy them after the break.

The series was announced by Entertainment Weekly, who spoke to Alamo CEO Tim League about the project.

We've had a relationship with Guillermo for a while. He lived here after he made Cronos and became a fixture, if you will, at the theater. Justin Ishmael, the head of Mondo, pitched him on the idea. Guillermo decided to not just approve the series but also serve as the point for approving the actual design. He's said, 'Yes, I like that,' or 'No, that doesn't look too much like Ron Perlman,' or whatever.

And while League wouldn't say which other filmmakers will follow in the Director's Series, he did say they probably won't be as comprehensive as this first batch.

Below are the prints. Blade II by Mike Sutfin goes on sale Thursday, along with the Greedo print. They're 24 x 36 in size and the yellow regular has an edition size of 175 while the red variant has only 50. They'll cost $35 and $50 respectively.

Hellboy II by Ken Taylor will go on sale some time in the future, followed by the original Hellboy, Cronos, The Devil's Backbone and Pan's Labyrinth.

Here's what del Toro has to say about the series.

It is a rare privilege to be included in this mind-blowing poster series. These images enshrine and preserve the energy of the films they depict in a way that no square marketing could!!! More power to them!!!

Apparently, Guillermo likes exclamation points.

What other directors would you like to see Mondo immortalize in poster form? My number one vote is for Paul Thomas Anderson, but that's just me.