LOL: How To Talk To Your Kids About 'Star Wars'

Whether you have kids, or are going to have them in the future, chances are you think about how you are going to raise them. How would you choose to discipline them? Do you encourage them to participate sports? Force them to eat all foods? How important will religion be in their upbringing?

And then there's your personal pop culture fandom. Do you force it upon them or let them discover themselves? Star Wars, in particular, is an interesting case. Obviously, sharing something that special with your child is a big deal. But today, Star Wars isn't what it used to be. Kids now think Anakin Skywalker is a true hero, Jar Jar Binks is hilarious and podracing is the best form of transportation imaginable.

So, the guys as Asylum posed the question "How do you talk to your kids about Star Wars?" and created a public service announcement video about this exact situation. Do you show them the original trilogy first or do you show the films in numerical order? Do you wait for Blu-rays, which will be Special Editions, or just go old school VHS so as to preserve the original story elements? It's all here. Check it out after the break.

Thanks to Topless Robot for the heads up and Asylum for the great job.

While the video is obviously done in a joking fashion, it actually got me thinking how I will deal with this once I have kids. I assume many of our site's readers have kids and have had to consider these things. What did you do? Did you show them the films in order? Are you planning on going with the originals first? And what do you say about issues like Luke and Leia's relationship or Vader's character arc? We'd love to hear about it.