Gore Verbinski And Terry Rossio Teaming Up For Supernatural Series 'Magical Law'

Briefly: After making three Pirates of the Caribbean films together, Gore Verbinski and Terry Rossio must have developed a working creative shorthand. Let's hope so, as they're now paired for Magical Law, a TV series for Fox that will be a cop/legal story with a supernatural bent. That might be the worst TV series title since Cop Rock, but as for the actual material, there could be potential.

Terry Rossio is writing, and the setup features "a world where the existence of supernatural beings is commonplace and follows the specialized cops and lawyers who face the unique challenges of prosecuting otherworldly crimes." So it's sounding like the version of Law & Order that might exist in the New York of Ghostbusters. But it also sounds like a version of Supernatural Law, or a mash-up of a half-dozen other comics and shows that people will be very quick to name. (The title screams Piers Anthony to me.) Might need some refinement; maybe the characters will really make it seem more unique.

Both men are exec producers along with Jeff Rake; Mr. Verbinski might direct the pilot if things go that far. [Deadline]