Jane Lynch Not In 'The Muppets', New Photos Show Amy Adams And Jason Segel On Set


Info and images about The Muppets, starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams, have really started to hit the internet. Most of it is even correct. But one report from last week — that Jane Lynch has a part in the movie as a prison guard — has to be retracted. Reports from Production Weekly and The Wrap placed the actress in the cast, but over the weekend she said she hasn't even been approached. (Following up with "I would do it if they asked me.")

In addition to that clarification, there are some new photos of Jason Segel and Amy Adams at work on set. They compliment our own photos of the film's dilapidated Muppet Studios, and also show the new Muppet, Walter, at work.

The Daily Mail has these images. That's Walter in the first pic with Amy Adams. The tabloid's report says that Walter is the best friend of Jason Segel's character, and that he is voiced by Paul Rudd. (A claim which was made by Production Weekly last week and disputed by The Wrap, but is being reiterated as true now.) Still no confirmation or denial about that rumored Lady Gaga appearance, however.