'Avatar' Extended Collector's Edition Deleted Scene: 'New Life'

Starting Tuesday, a whole bunch of new information about the behind the scenes making of James Cameron's Avatar is sure to hit the net as that's when fans will begin pouring over the incredibly comprehensive Avatar Extended Collector's Edition Blu-ray. We've seen the commercials all over TV and heard about some of the additions to the film and now, right before release, you can wet your palate for all things Avatar with this deleted scene from the end of the film. Titled "New Life," it gives a glimpse of what life on Pandora is like for the Na'vi after their victory. The clip is also preceded with a primer to watching the deleted scenes, a short explanation of what visual effects might be missing and how they would have looked if completed. Check out the video after the jump.

It's probably because the effects weren't finished, but that sure looked like Jake with the pregnant Na'vi woman. Could there be a little Jake Sully in our futures? Are the human created avatars that advanced? That could be something interesting to get into in the sequels.

Also, what I took out of that clip was, besides the obvious visual effects, there's so much more subtle stuff that was done through VFX. Like, really, you couldn't put the glass in the gas masks? Things like that almost seem lazy. But, then again, you know Cameron isn't lazy and it's probably just a smart solution so he doesn't have to waste time on set getting the lighting just right. Add it later, no one will even notice.

Are you going out and purchasing this disc Tuesday? Did you go see the Extended Edition in the theaters? What special feature are you most excited on this release and do you think a 3 hour cut of the film will improve it in anyway?