Movie Trailer: 'Bangkok Knockout' Promises Action Overdose From 'Ong Bak' Choreographer

You might not know the name Panna Rittikrai, but if you've seen Ong Bak you know his work. He was the fight choreographer for that film, so while Tony Jaa did the hard work diving under trucks and throwing elbows, Panna Rittikrai devised the scenes that made the fighting actor look so good.

Now he has directed a new film, Bangkok Knockout, which was just picked up by Magnolia. (Or Magnet, more likely, but the extact deal is unclear right now.) There's a trailer, and I wish I could run an animated GIF as a header, because no still image can capture how much fun a fan of physical action will find within.

I grinned when the man on fire burst through the wall. I laughed out loud when the car took out a room full of fighting guys. Then my jaw hit the floor with an in-air sequence began with a chainlink fence bounce and then blazed forward into insanity. And the trailer gets crazier from there. I want to see this movie. Now.

What's the plot of Bangkok Knockout? I don't know and I don't care. The basic idea seems to be one-upping Ong Bak in every possible way. And while the film might not have the sort of killer new fight personality Ong Bak could boast in Tony Jaa, it appears to make up for that deficiency with pure voluminous ass-kicking.