Cool Stuff: Lost "Island Reunion" T-Shirt

TeeFury's t-shirt design of the day today is a Lost parody design titled Island Reunion. I can't gaurentee this will be the last Lost t-shirt we ever post, but we havent seen any good ones since the series finale. Created by Spiritgreen, the tee is available for $9 plus shipping. Here is a word from the artist:

As a massive fan of Lost's characters over the six seasons, I wanted to make something that put a long con, practical joke spin on the mysterious events. All Jacob and the Man in Black needed was a smoke machine, a rubber John Locke mask and a lot of patience. This design started out as a possible or alternate ending, but now I see it more as a revelation at the reunion party. Sun, Jin, Sayid and Jack are all miraculously alive, naturally. Ben is just off camera, fetching the theatrical knife that he pretended to stab Jacob with. See, it all makes perfect sense now.

You can buy it today (Tuesday, November 2nd 2010) and today only – so act fast.