James Cameron And Arnold Schwarzenegger's Latest Collaboration: Politics

On Arnold Schwarzenegger's Facebook page Tuesday, he teased a brand new collaboration with the director who helped make him a star: James Cameron. With the current California governor's term about ready to end, fanboy imaginations ran wild. True Lies 2? Terminator 4? Or possibly a role for Schwarzenegger in Cameron's next two projects: Avatar 2 and 3? Well the answer, of course, is D, none of the above. The pair actually just teamed up to film a commercial speaking out against California's Proposition 23, nicknamed "The Dirty Energy Proposition." You can see the movie reference filled spot after the jump.

I'm not going to pretend like I know anything about politics or this issue in particular, so I guess all I can do is link both the negative and pro websites and let you decide on your own.

No on 23

Yes on 23

As for the film connection here, with James Cameron wrapped up in Avatar until 2015 at least, I don't think we'll see him and Schwarzenegger teaming up for a film anytime soon, at least not in something non-Avatar. Though, it would be pretty cool to see Arnold suit up in the MoCap suit and play a Na'vi.

Did you fall for Arnold's little ruse or were you smart enough to realize that it was going to be something like this? And on another note, how do you feel when your favorite actors and filmmakers come out for a cause? If you agree with their stance, it's probably gratifying, but what if you are totally against what they have to say? Does it hurt your perception of them as an entertainer or are you able to compartmentalize the person vs. the work? Let us know.