Zach Galifianakis Joins The New Muppets Movie

The Muppets have taken Manhattan, followed that bird, been to Treasure Island, space and more. Now it seems their Christmas 2011 film might end up Between Two Ferns. A very famous source confirmed that Zach Galifianakis will be "doing a couple days" in the currently Untitled Muppets Movie co-written and staring Muppet super fan Jason Segel. Amy Adams, Rashida Jones and Chris Cooper are all also in the James Bobin (Flight of the Conchords) directed film which will be about Segel's character, and a brand new Muppet, trying to save the Muppet Studios. The source for the Galifianakis news? None other than Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. Check out the video and more after the jump.

During an interview with E! Online promoting Due Date, Robert Downey Jr. haphazardly let the news slip that The Hangover 2 comedian will be appearing in the film.

"So you're doing a couple days on the Muppets movie?" Downey asks. Galifianakis' face then drops as if to say, "You are no longer a member of my wolfpack!" But he says nothing. Downey continues by saying, "You are. You heard it here first" to the delight of Ben Lyons of E! Check out the clip below.

Entertainment Weekly called Galifianakis' people to confirm but they would only say he's "talking about it." But if he's "talking about it" to Robert Downey Jr. to a point where Downey is confident enough to blurt out the news, I'd count that as a much more credible source than anyone's management.

Galifianakis has previous worked with The Muppets in the below video created by the band OK Go!

As seen there, the Muppets are simultaneously family friendly and subversively sly so Galifanakis, whose humor is similarly dichotomous, seems like a perfect addition to the film. However, don't get the Untitled Muppet Movie mixed up with Happytime Murders, which Lionsgate recently purchased. That's the noir Muppet movie which is still in script form. The Untitled Muppet Movie stars filming soon.

As news continues to leak about next year's Muppet movie, do your expectations continue to grow?