VOTD: Superheroes Strike Back

These costumed characters have always been one of my favorite parts of the touristy part of Hollywood Boulevard. I always loved watching the ridiculous and strange costumed superheroes pose for photos with tourists near the Grauman's Chinese Theater. Jimmy Kimmel regularly featured these performers on his show, and a documentary was even made about the characters called Confessions of a Superhero (watch it on Hulu for free). In June, Los Angeles police launched an effort to clear Hollywood Boulevard of unlicensed Hollywood character impersonators, making dozens of arrests. In recent years tourists and shop-owners have complained that the costumed characters had become more aggressive and pestered some of the tourists for money/tips. I've been around the area a couple times over the Summer, and aside from one lightpole climbing Spider-man, the superheroes were no where to be seen.

A couple weeks ago we told you about a documentary about the costumed character's current situation titled The Ambassadors of Hollywood. Craigslist TV has put together a simular production, titled Superheroes Strike Back.

Superman (aka Christopher Dennis from the popular documentary "Confessions of a Superhero") posted an ad on CL to unite the costumed Superheroes that were ejected from Hollywood Boulevard on Memorial Day. They come together – both hero and villain – at the "Townhall of Injustice" to figure out how to fight city hall. Darth Vader, Superman, Charlie Chaplin all clash at the meeting, and can't agree on anything. Later Superman attempts another costumed walk on Hollywood Blvd. and is again harassed by the police. Now he's determined to try to get his fellow costumed characters together to finally protest in front of city hall, and take their case to the press.

The two-part webisode runs 15 minutes in length and is more like a reality television production. It's now online and can be watched after the jump.

Part 1

Part 2