Mattel To Produce 'Back To The Future' Action Figures

Great Scott! With all the excitement of Back to the Future's 25th anniversary, Universal Partnerships & Licensing have revealed that Mattel is on board to produce a series of Back to the Future action figures, accessories and toy vehicles. (Note: the photo above, if you couldn't tell, is of a set of fan made figures, not the ones being developed/produced by Mattel)

Believe it or not, Back to the Future might be one of the only non-R-rated movie franchises not to get a toyline. Sure, there have been a lot of merchandise: remote control DeLorean time machines, micromachines, model kits, little LEGO mini-fig like Kubricks and even a stuffed animal Einstein dog which was released in the Japanese Universal Studios Theme Park... but never an action figure line. I'm really happy what Mattel has produced for their recent Ghostbusters line.