LOL: Thai Rip-Off Of Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast'

For anyone who has dreamed of watching a shot for shot remake of Disney's 1991 Best Picture nominee Beauty and the Beast with inferior animation and terrible voice acting from a foreign country, your day has finally come. We were lucky enough to come upon this video and, with Beauty and the Beast currently hot again off its current Blu-ray release and recent Sing-A-Long theatrical run, it's too funny not to highlight. The jaw-dropping trailer is embedded right after the jump.

Seriously, that's almost shot for shot, isn't it? How is it possible that this company, GM Toons, can get away with this? Maybe it's because if you Google "GM Toons," it's as if they don't even exist. I'd imagine the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast is public domain, so if GM Toons wanted to make their version of it, fine. But this film IS the Disney version. Every single shot in that trailer is almost exactly lifted from the Disney film.

Of course, that just makes me want to watch it more than I want to breathe. What about you?