Teaser Trailer: 'Scre4m' (Updated With Official Release)

UPDATE: The official embed has been released, so we've updated and bumped this post.

Yesterday the trailer for Scream 4, aka Scre4m (aka groan) leaked, but you might not have wanted to watch the cameraphone version filmed off a big screen at the Spike Awards. Now there's a real digital version, and it's a bit longer than the bootleg. (OK, this one still looks a little less than official, but we'll go with it for now. This may be the international version.) Check out the real teaser for Wes Craven's new film in the Scream franchise, after the break.

This sure looks like a Scream movie, but I can't figure out why that's a good thing. OK, sure, there are fans of the series that are probably happy to see Neve Campbell return along with David Arquette and Courtney Cox, and to see Ghostface kill again. In which case, great: have at it.

But the whole appeal of the original film was that horror movies had been laying fallow for a minute, and Scream was a very on the nose way to say, "hey, these films are pretty fun!" It worked because there had been a lull in popular horror flicks. But now, in this teaser, when characters start to talk about horror conventions it feels like a VH1 special, not like a handful of enthusiastic kids playing around. Maybe the movie works, but this teaser only seems to promise a film that looks like an unsuccessful bid to recapture the moment the original picture seized.

In Scream 4, Sidney – now the author of a self-help book – returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with sheriff Dewey and his wife, Gale, as well as her cousin Jill (Emma Roberts) and her aunt Kate (Mary McDonnell). Unfortunately, Sidney's reappearance also instigates more Ghostface killings and puts Jill's high school friends in danger.

Yahoo has the teaser in HD.