'Wolverine 2' Shaping Up To Shoot In New York And Japan Starting In March

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I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Darren Aronofsky is going to direct Wolverine 2. But success and doing a big film with an actor you like (Hugh Jackman) has to be appealing at this point, and after a run of very well-liked movies in the indie realm, why not jump up into the studio arena? It's looking like a done deal at this point, with one report pegging the beginning of the shoot schedule in March 2011. That date is timed to allow the director enough schedule leeway to promote Black Swan and, hopefully, show up at a few awards ceremonies in celebration of his latest film.

One of the more appealing aspects of the project might be notion of shooting in Japan, and Deadline says that Darren Aronofsky's directing deal is close enough to done that a schedule is being drawn up for the film. That includes shooting on stages in New York, so the director and star can be near their families, and then shooting the bulk of the film on location in Japan.

If only that could be an assurance that the film would be at enough of a remove from the Fox brass. Given how intrusive Tom Rothman was said to be on the first Wolverine, I like the idea of making the film well out of easy reach for Fox execs. But the first one was shot largely in Australia and New Zealand, with a bit of work in Louisiana and Vancouver. So while making the film way off the lot seems like a good way to help Darren Aronofsky make the movie he wants to make, in reality it probably won't be much of a factor.

I revisited Pi and The Guerilla Diaries, Mr. Aronofsky's written account of making his first feature, over the weekend, and bookending that with Wolverine 2 is difficult. I'd encourage anyone interested in the director to read The Guerilla Diaries. While the trials and tribulations of a first-time director are familiar to most people with a strong interest in film, Darren Aronofsky describes his own in such a way as to make them fresh and unique. I'd love to read a similar diary about the making of Wolverine 2. The book is out of print, but there are used copies to be had.