Spider-Rumor: Child Actors Sought For Young Peter Parker And Son Of The Lizard

People just can't wait to find out what the storyline of Sony and Marc Webb's upcoming Spider-Man reboot will be. There are too many possible options knowing what we do now — Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson are in the mix, as is the Lizard. That combination could lead to many things. Does anything change if you add a young Peter Parker to the tale? Reportedly, that's one thing we'll see.

So chew on this: Moviehole reports that Sony wants child actors to play Peter Parker as a boy (actors aged 4-6) and Billy Connors (actors aged 8-11), the son of the man who becomes the Lizard. That's really all the info we've got, and I'm not sure that this is something to rely on one hundred per cent.

So here's some info on Billy Connors from Marvel's database. If the kid is in the picture, that suggests that we'll see a small role for Mrs. Connors as well, and that the Lizard will inevitably menace his family at some point.

...tragedy later struck again in the Connors family – this time for Martha and Billy. Both mother and son were diagnosed with cancer after years exposed to carcinogens from living near an industrial lab of the Monnano Corporation in Florida. Spider-Man assisted Curt in successfully forcing Monnano to admit their environmental culpability. However, Martha succumbed to the cancer and died.[23] Billy recovered but remained bitter towards his father. Curt's guilt and internalized anger at these events eventually led him to become the Lizard and attack Spider-Man once again.

And this is where it gets really silly. Don't expect to see this in the film. (Please don't let this be in the film.)

The Lizard later resurfaced to face Spider-Man with the aid of a smaller twin of himself, who was revealed to be none other than his son, Billy. Curt had injected Billy with the Lizard formula while under the influence of a mysterious meteorite that caused savage behavior in those within range of its radiation.[26] Both the Lizard and "Lizard Junior" were eventually captured and transformed back to human form, but the fact that Billy can also transform into a lizard has never been mentioned since.