Michael Giacchino To Score 'Cars 2,' 'Super 8,' 'Mission Impossible 4,' 'John Carter Of Mars' And 'Star Tours'

Michael Giacchino has personally solved the problem of unemployment in America: just win an Oscar for Best Original Score. After Giacchino's 2010 Oscar win for his amazing score to Up, the composer behind Star Trek and Lost has more jobs than a normal person would know what to do with. He just finished Let Me In, we already found out he will be scoring Andrew Stanton's John Carter of Mars, but now we have official confirmation that he's currently scoring Cars 2 for John Lasseter and Pixar, followed by Super 8 and Mission: Impossible 4 for frequent collaborators J.J. Abrams and Brad Bird respectively. He's also "adapting John Williams' themes for the refreshed Star Tours ride at Disneyland." And that's not even everything on the man's plate. Find out what else he's scoring, and more, after the break. Variety ran a long profile on the award winning composer which is well worth the time for Giacchino fans. He talks about how he got his start, working on video games and how he considers himself more of a storyteller than a musician because "It's not about what I'm doing; it's about what this piece of art needs to help propel it to the next level."

He'll be propelling not only the films mentioned above but also Monte Carlo, a family film starring Selena Gomez for The Family Stone director Thomas Bezucha as well as I'm With Cancer (or Live With It, whatever it's called now) with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

While it's not a surprise to hear Giacchino's name attached to the Abrams and Bird films, it's a bit more surprising to hear that he's doing Cars 2 and Star Tours. Each of those properties already had an Oscar winning composer at its helm – Randy Newman and John Williams – so we can only speculate to why the composer changed and what that might say about the themes or feel of both works. Any speculation?

Source: Variety and PixarPlanet