Daft Punk's 'Tron Legacy' Poster Teased; Soundtrack Release Pushed To December 7

One of the big promises of Tron Legacy has been the soundtrack by French electronic duo Daft Punk. The band's music and image (the two men perform in robot suits/helmets, for starters) has always had a noticable Tron influence, so using them for the soundtrack seemed like a slam dunk. Plus there was always the idea of a cameo appearance in the film.

Well, the music is coming soon, along with the film, and the cameo was filmed. And now Daft Punk gets its own Tron Legacy poster, which will even glow in the dark. Check out a tease of the poster image, after the break.

Says Disney:

It is not our intention keep you all in the dark, but since the exclusive Tron Legacy Poster with Daft Punk will glow in the dark, our system has decided to only partially reveal it for now.

So, naturally, what we can see here is the light-up portion of the duo's helmets and suits. The poster will be available with the deluxe pre-order of the soundtrack, details for which you can get by following the Disney link above.

Additionally, Disney has corrected the earlier projection for the Tron soundtrack release. When originally dated, the OST was announced for November 22, just about a month before the movie hits theaters. Now the soundtrack has been pushed back to December 7, only ten days before the film.

Or, as the official notice says, "Please note, due to a recent system conflict, the Tron Legacy Soundtrack release date has been moved to December 7th."

Here's the look at the glowing bits of the Daft Punk poster: