Iron Man Anime Opening Title Sequence

Two years ago we reported that Marvel had tapped the famous animation studio Madhouse to create four anime series for release in 2010, the first two of which would be based on Wolverine and Iron Man. The anime projects are being written by renowned writer Warren Ellis (who most recently wrote the highly acclaimed G.I. Joe: Resolute web shorts). The one-minute opening title sequence for the Iron Man anime series has now appeared on YouTube, and you can watch it now embedded after the jump.

The first episode premiered at Comic-Con in July, and here is an excerpt from AnimeNewsNetwork's Review:

MADHOUSE went with a shiny, sharp look for its characters, one slightly less exaggerated than the pointy style used in their Highlander anime film, and it's not terribly far from the typical realistic anime style seen in, say, the recent Golgo 13 series. Tony looks strangely lean, however, as though Peter Chung dropped by the studio. The animation's slightly above-grade for TV, though it picks up considerably in the all-too-brief fight scenes. As first episodes go, it's stable, halfway pretty, and disappointingly by-the-book. Perhaps MADHOUSE can't be faulted for giving Marvel and its fans exactly what they expect, but an anime adaptation of a well-exposed Western property should at least do something out of the ordinary. There's only a slim promise that this version of Iron Man will be any different from what we've seen many times before.

via: BleedingCool