LOL: This Is How You Promote Jackass 3D!

At Comic-Con, Paramount Pictures screened 8-minutes of Jackass 3D (watch our video blog here, trailer here) and I called it "a theme park experience but with poop and pee." I know I hurt from laughing after only 8 minutes, and I believe it takes the gimmicky nature of 3D to the extreme. Paramount is trying to think of some out of the box marketing ideas to promote the upcoming 3D sequel. So how do you promote Jackass 3D? With a 3D billboard/display. Hilarious. Check it out after the jump.

The Jackass 3D stunt billboard is set-up at Sunset and La Cienega in Los Angeles. I'm not sure if they have simular displays in other cities, but whoever thought this one up deserves a raise.