Opening Scene From X-Men Being Recreated For X-Men: First Class

A new report claims that director Matthew Vaughn is recreating the opening of Bryan Singer's X-Men in his X-Men prequel/reboot X-Men: First Class.

UK Comic/Moviesite Bleeding Cool have learned that they are reshooing the 1944 Poland-based introduction to Eric Lensherr (the boy who later becomes Magneto) shot-for-shot, but with different actors of course. This time around Bill Milner is playing Lensherr, and there are supossedly a few dramatic twists at the conclusion of the sequence.

It definitely sounds like a good way of sticking with the continuity of the series presented on film thus far. I know many comic fans were upset that Sam Raimi returned to the scene of Uncle Ben's murder in Spider-Man 3 to change the events of the original Spider-Man film. This sounds more like something being done to honor the original trilogy and please fans than change history.