'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Gets Actors For The Denali Clan And Young Renesmee

There's a batch of Breaking Dawn casting to communicate tonight. One chunk is new info, while the other is from a day back. (We don't bend over backward to get every bit of Twilight news, as you might understand.) The production now has its Denali Clan in full, with a handful of actors joining the recently cast Maggie Grace in the 'vegetarian' vampire clan. And Renesmee, the odd daughter of Edward and Bella, has been cast as well.

THR says that MyAnna Buring (The Descent) will be Tanya, looking to steal Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) away from Bella (Kristen Stewart). Casey LaBow is Kate, a Denali with vague electrical powers. Mia Maestro and Christian Camargo are Carmen and Eleazar, the Spanish leaders of the coven.

Maggie Grace's Denali character is Irina, who blames Edward and his family for the death of her lover in New Moon, and consequently gets a hate-on for the Cullen clan.

And the slightly old news is that EW reported that young Mackenzie Foy won the role of Renesmee, the fast-growing, smart and strong half-vampire daughter of Edward and Bella. The 9-year old Foy has appeared only in single episodes of FlashForward and 'Til Death. Her birth scene is one of the greatest points of curiosity with respect to Breaking Dawn (it's rather gruesome) and as the character ages rapidly, we can expect some serious effects used on Foy to negotiate the girl's physical changes. (Expect Benjamin Button-type spectacle, albeit on a much smaller scale.)

Bill Condon is directing the two halves of Breaking Dawn, which are being shot in 2D, despite a lot of debate and speculation about the films being shot in 3D. Don't totally rule out post-conversion, however.