Movie Trailer: 'Troll Hunter'

One of the more promising films scheduled for Fantastic Fest this year was Troll Hunter, which is a Cloverfield-style mock doc that takes for granted that trolls aren't just fairy tales; they're actually alive and well in the northern lands of Norway. Now there's an English-subbed trailer for the film, and you might find the scale of the rocky beasts pretty damned impressive.

I kept putting off watching clips from the film, because the whole mock-doc aspect has lost a bit of luster. But this footage looks great, and I was pulled in by some of the jokes about trolls being able to smell the blood of Christian men. (Which, I'm told, pay off well in the full film.) And then the trolls attacked, and I was in. There's some of the obfuscation of the beasts that you'd expect in a Cloverfield-style film, true, but what we see looks damn good. And then, finally, you'll see the big troll. Looks like a lot of fun.

Twitch offers the trailer, and has previously given a synopsis of sorts:

[The doc jumps off from the conceit] that the Norwegian government has been hiding the fact that they have a secret population of trolls – real, actual trolls – living on game preserves in the far north of the country, kept safe and secure and out of the public eye to prevent mass panic should people realize that these fairy tale creatures are real. Those high tension power lines you see stretching out over the horizon in unpopulated areas, seemingly going nowhere? Not power lines at all but an electric fence to keep the beasts contained!