Behind The Scenes Footage: 'Scream 4'

Entertainment Tonight has run another of the show's patented breathless behind the scenes first looks, this time for Scream 4. The clip is online and shows that, yep, it's a Scream movie. The footage primarily shows a lot of running around a large suburban house, with the masked Ghostface chasing potential victims. It's for franchise fans only, but if you've been hungry for Ghostface in action, this is the first look.

This week also marks a milestone for the film, as principal photography wrapped yesterday. Director Wes Craven said via Twitter, "It's the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end... That's a wrap on @Scream4!" So no more rumors of consternation on set about script changes and actors unhappy with their parts.

Incidentally, a month ago, when we heard that several weeks of extra shooting were added (the film was scheduled to wrap at the beginning of September, on Labor Day weekend) the report was that shooting was scheduled until Sept 24. If that date was accurate, then Scream 4 came in two days ahead of schedule. OK, ahead of the revised schedule, but given how many stories have flown about this production, that counts for something.

We've also embedded another clip of interviews from ET with much of the cast, but beware: there's not actually much about the film there. It's the cast talking about their relationships with one another. If the interview clips you see in the first piece don't leave you wanting a lot more of the same, don't bother watching the second embed.