Mark Zuckerberg Supposedly Spotted At Screening Of The Social Network?

Mark Zuckerberg has dismissed the upcoming David Fincher film The Social Network as a work of fiction, and has even said that he has no interest or plans to ever see it. However, the Facebook co-founder and CEO was supposedly spotted at a Washington-based screening of the film last night. We have found a couple reports on Twitter from people who claim to have seen "Zuck" at a screening.

While we can't confirm the Zuckerberg sighting as legit (I doubt e-mails to Facebook PR would be returned), some of the eyewitnesses seem credible: For instance, BoxOffice/DVDTalk critic Tyler Foster, who claims Zuckerberg was dressed in a suit (not his signature hoody or t-shirt, which yes, does seem odd) and was spotted after the screening taking a photo with "some girl" outside the theater.

We have no idea what Mark thought of the film, and will probably never hear his real opinion on the matter. I'd even go as far as to publicly offer Zuckerberg $5,000 to write a 1000 word review of the film for /Film. While that might seem like A LOT of money to us, I don't think that is nearly enough for the world's youngest billionaire. While it seems obvious that his response would likely be negative, it should be mentioned that Zuckerberg is actually a big fan of Social Network screenwriter Aaron Sorkin's television series The West Wing (a fact Mark only recently removed from his Facebook page).