Ron Perlman Joins Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Drive'

Briefly: Quite a cast that Nicolas Winding Refn has assembled for Drive: Ryan Gosling is the disaffected stuntman by day, getaway driver by night, and Carey Mulligan is the woman whose boyfriend (Oscar Isaac) initially gets Gosling's character into the underworld.  Then add Albert Brooks as the antagonist, with Christina Hendricks and Bryan Cranston on board, as well.

Now Ron Perlman has signed on, according to Screen Daily. The trade doesn't peg which role he'll play, but I'm guessing, based on a flip through the script, that he's playing the guy who sets up one of the jobs that Gosling's character gets involved in. And it'll be great to see him do it — while Perlman walks through some paycheck jobs, pair him with a director like Refn and I expect real results. Drive is Refn's biggest project yet, which is also an interesting factor here, and the film starts to shoot in LA at the end of September.