'Captain America' Set Photos Show Cap's Stunt Double With Costume, Shield And Motorbike


A great number of set photos have surfaced in recent weeks for Captain America: The First Avenger, but we haven't posted most of them. For the most part, we've avoided the pics because they're dull, empty set shots with no context and, more important, no Captain America.

These shots are different. They don't show Chris Evans in costume as Cap, but they do have his stunt double in full gear, right down to the wings painted on his helmet. If you didn't see the Comic Con costume test teaser and the concept art wasn't enough to communicate how the costume would look, these photos should do the trick.

The Superficial brings these to the world, so thank them. (And see a couple more pics there.) The stunt double is a little more doughy than Evans, so expect the hero shots to look a little more...heroic.  We can see, however, that this version of the character is well tricked out for war. Are those forward-mounted machine guns on the bike, along with a holstered rifle? Looks like it.

I like the look of the shield and the helmet. Some of the other details are less convincing, but what the hell — these appear to be raw set photos of a stuntman that we're not meant to see in great detail as he whizzes past. I really liked the footage with Hugo Weaving that we saw at Comic Con, so I'm willing to wait for more footage of the real Captain America before reaching anything like a judgement. And we know the costume changes over the course of the film, so this might not be the endpoint of the character's look. (Although it is probably pretty close.)