Disney Promotes 'Tangled' With Double Rainbow Parody

Pictured above: My reaction to Disney's "Double Rainbow" parody.

The window of opportunity to take advantage of an Internet meme tends to be approximately a week or two, depending on the lasting value of the meme, and missing that window can mark the difference between a video/image that's lauded as comedic brilliance and one that's subjected to savage ridicule.

Disney missed the window by about two months. Watch the video, and join in on the ridicule, after the break.

Cartoon Brew found the vid, which on top of already being dated, reeks of a marketing campaign that's trying way too hard to be funny, hip and topical.

Wise up, Disney. This is not how you work the viral marketing angle. No matter how popular and amusing an online clip may be, using it to sell your movie only serves to lower people's opinion of it, regardless of the quality of the actual film. It's not witty or charming; it's a cheap, lazy ploy that mindlessly cashes in on something with zero relevance to the topic at hand, and worse, it feels it. You know who else does that? These guys.

Please, try harder, Disney, because this is just embarrassing.

Then again, DChantryGilber on YouTube disagrees with me, so what do I know?

I thought it was funny! I especially like? the voice acting. The wacky laugh after he gets hit in the head made me smile. Pretty fun to watch, really.? :-)

Fair enough, DChantryGilber. Fair enough.