Seth Green To Launch ControlTV, Giving You Control Of The Reality Television Series

With the surge in reality television programing over the last decade, I'm surprised we have yet to see anything like EDtv of to a very extreme extent, The Truman Show. Sure, we've been let inside the family lives of celebrities, have gone to a deserted island with a strangers trying to survive, and have numerous shows which follow the going-ons of groups of friends from Hollywood to the Jersey Shore. But we've yet to see anything really indepth and nothing more interactive than the American Idol call-in vote-off.

Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich hope to change things up, and have teamed with Ford Motor Company and Sprint Nextel for a new interactive reality series called ControlTV. The show will follow six weeks in the life of a guy in his twenties. Nothing new, right? Well.., the twist is that the audience will have the ability to vote, in real time, on every aspect of his life — "from what he wears and eats, to where he works, to who he dates," according to Deadline.

The creative team also includes The Bachelor director Ken Fuchs, commercial director Stephen Kessler and interactive technology expert Craig Ullman. Production is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles this fall and the show will be distributed by video network DBG.