LOL: The Onion Reports "Martin Scorsese Attends Free iMovie Demonstration At Apple Store"

The hilarious team at the faux newspaper The Onion have another movie-rated story: "Martin Scorsese Attends Free iMovie Demonstration At Apple Store".

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese went to a free iMovie demonstration at the Apple Store Wednesday, attentively watching the tutorial for the video-editing software from a front-row seat, sources reported. Scorsese, who won the 2006 Academy Award for best director, reportedly interrupted the presentation more than a dozen times to ask questions about importing footage, creating on-screen titles, and adding sound effects. According to Apple Store employees, the 67-year-old film legend regularly jotted down notes on a yellow legal pad while the moderator demonstrated the step-by-step process for creating movies on a Macintosh. "Importing, editing, post-production—they got it all on the computer," said Scorsese, who arrived 20 minutes early for the in-store workshop. "I like it. You can make your pictures right on there, it's tremendous."

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